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persoonskaart achtergrond
Fragment van de voorzijde van een persoonskaart. Foto: CBG / Collectie Nationaal Register van Overledenen (NRO)

Extracts from personal record lists and cards

Personal record cards and lists are very important sources for recent personal data. They contain information about persons who lived in the Netherlands and who have died after 1938. You can request extracts from these documents via the CBG.

The Nationaal Register Overledenen (NRO; National Register of Deaths) that is managed by the CBG provides information about people who have died relatively recently. It consists of the personal record cards of deceased persons from the period 1939 – 1 October 1994, and the digital data of people who have died since then.


Because persoonskaarten (personal record cards) and persoonslijsten (personal record lists) are relatively recent and contain privacy-sensitive details, not all the data is provided, although extracts from them may be requested. Thereby will be excluded, for example, information about religious denomination, or about the reason for the loss of the Dutch nationality. Also, the details of the address may not be given when the death has occurred less than twenty years previously. However, personal details of the person, the names of the parents (often with their dates and places of birth) and details of marriage(s), partner(s) and children are supplied. 

persoonskaart uittreksel

Voorbeeld van een uittreksel van een persoonskaart. Bepaalde gegevens zijn afgeschermd, zoals religie en doodsoorzaak. Foto: CBG / Collectie Nationaal Register Overledenen (NRO)


The CBG offers the opportunity to take out a 'subscription’ on personal record lists. If you take out a subscription on one or more family names you will receive annually automatic extracts of the lists of persons that have become available for those family names. The list of people that have become available is sent in the first quarter of each year.  


Extracts from personal record cards and lists and subscriptions can be requested in exchange for payment. Fill in and sign the application form (see link at the bottom of the page) as completely as possible. In order to be able to process the application efficiently we need the following data on the persons requested:

  • The first and last name (as correctly and completely as possible). 
  • The date and place of birth (if known). 
  • The year and the exact date of death (if known). 
  • Any other information, such as names and details of birth and death, and similar decease data of the spouse.

If this relates to a number of persons, please enter the names in alphabetical order.

Send your request, preferably via e-mail, to pkpl@cbg.nl, with the scanned and signed application form as an attachment.

If you do not have access to e-mail, please send the printed and signed application form by post to the following address:

  • CBG|Centrum voor familiegeschiedenis
  • Sectie Persoonskaarten 
  • Postbus 11755 
  • 2502 AT, Den Haag 

As soon as the extracts have been made, they will be sent to you digitally via a secure connection. The invoice will follow later. If you do not have access to e-mail these documents will be sent to you by post. In both eventualities, you should take into account a delivery period of several weeks because of the large numbers of requests. 

persoonskaart PKdigitaal doos Verzamelingen

In speciaal op maat gemaakte dozen gaan en komen de persoonskaarten naar en van Multiscan, onze specialist op het gebied van digitaliseren. Foto: CBG / Collectie Nationaal Register Overledenen (NRO)

Rates with effect from 1 January 2022

The costs for information from the identity cards persoonskaarten are not calculated per extract, but per search. If, for example, you request the data of eight persons, then you pay for eight searches executed (whether successful or not). For requests from abroad, the costs of transfer commission and higher postal costs will be charged.

€ (incl. VAT) Private Friends (classic)**
Minimum amount (including domestic postal costs) € 9,80 € 9,80
Each additional search per person € 4,90 € 4,00
Each additional search per person (express) € 12,25 € 12,25
Reduced rate per person*** € 4,50 € 3,60
Subscription per family name per year**** € 5,90 € 5,90
Per extract on the basis of subscription € 4,90 € 4,00

* A different rate is applicable to business clients; see erfgenamenonderzoek (heir hunting).

** Digital Friends are not entitled to the discount.

*** For search actions into more than 100 persons.

**** This is the basic rate; the standard rate is charged per extract 

Privacy arrangement

For the use of the personal data that the CBG has received from the Municipal and National Population Registers (GBA, 1 October 1994 – 1  and BRP, from 1 January 2014) a privacy regulation has been laid down.

More information via service@cbg.nl