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persoonskaart achtergrond
Fragment van de voorzijde van een persoonskaart. Foto: CBG / Collectie Nationaal Register van Overledenen (NRO)

National register of the deceased

The National Register of Deceased (NRO) consists of: • Personal record cards of people who died between 1939 and October 1, 1994. • Personal record lists of people who died after October 1, 1994, to the present time. The CBG manages the NRO on behalf of the Dutch government. The personal record cards and personal record lists, also known as extracts, can be requested and provided through the CBG | Center for Family History.

Online application

Extracts from the NRO can be easily requested via the online request form. After payment, you will receive a confirmation, and the requested documents can be downloaded within two weeks through the online 'My CBG' space. For this, you need to have a (free) CBG account or create one. Requests by email are still possible. Expect a longer processing time for email requests.

Email application

If you ar not able to use the online request form or cannot pay online, it is also possible to submit a request via email. Fill in the request form as completely as possible and sign it. To process the request efficiently, we need the following information about the persons searched for:

  • The first and last name (as correctly and completely as possible).
  • The date and place of birth (if known).
  • The year and the exact date of death (if known).
  • Any other information, such as names and details of birth and death, and similar decease data of the spouse.

If it concerns multiple people, mention the names in alphabetical order. Send your request by email to pkpl@cbg.nl, with the signed and scanned application form as an attachment. You find the request form in the links section at the bottom of this web page.

Persoonskaart Dutch Ancestors

Example of an extract from a personal record card. Certain data is protected, such as religion and cause of death. Photo: CBG / National Register of the Deceased Collection (NRO).

Privacy-sensitive data

Because personal record cards and personal record lists contain recent and privacy-sensitive information, not all information can be provided. However, extracts can be requested. These extracts lack information about, for example, religious denomination or the reason for losing Dutch nationality. Also, address details may not be displayed if the death occurred less than twenty years ago. Personal details of the main person, names of parents (often with their places and dates of birth), and details about marriage(s), partner(s), and children are provided.

Rates with effect from 1 January 2024

The costs for extracts from the NRO are not calculated per requested extract, but per search. If, for example, you request the data of eight persons, then you pay for eight searches executed (whether successful or not). For requests from abroad, the costs of transfer commission and higher postal costs will be charged.

€(incl. VAT) Private Friends(classic)**
Minimum amount €10,40 €10,40
Each additional search per person €5,20 €4,25
Each additional search per person (express) €13,00 €13,00
Reduced rate per person*** €4,75 €3,95
Subscription per family name per year**** €6,25 €6,25
Per extraction on the basis of subscription €5,20 €4,25
  • * A different rate is applicable to business clients; see erfgenamenonderzoek (heir hunting).
  • ** Digital Friends are not entitled to the discount.
  • *** For search actions into more than 100 persons.
  • **** This is the basic rate; the standard rate is charged per extract 


The CBG offers the opportunity to take out a 'subscription’ on personal record lists. If you take out a subscription on one or more family names you will receive annually automatic extracts of the lists of persons that have become available for those family names. The list of people that have become available is sent in the first quarter of each year.  


Like all other sources you consult for genealogical research, you should also be aware of the completeness and accuracy of information in personal record cards and personal record lists. Filling out personal cards and lists is manual work, so it is possible that data may be missing or errors may have occured. Especially personal record cards that were drawn up around 1939, when the personal record card were introduced, may be incomplete. Some municipalities added more information, but some only included the data that was current and necessary at that time. In any case, consider the following:

  • No residential addresses are listed on personal record lists if the death of the person occurred less than twenty years ago.
  • Children were generally only listed on the card of the head of the household, in most cases, the man.
  • Children who were already adults and had left the household at the introduction of personal record cards in 1939 are often not listed on the parents' card.
  • Children of unmarried mothers who were given up for adoption immediately at birth were not listed on their mother's personal record card.
  • Illegitimate children of women were not listed on the husband's card unless he acknowledged them at a later date.
  • Personal record cards were not always updated immediately, so events that quickly followed each other (such as the birth of a child before or shortly after the death of the father) may not be listed.
  • In the digitization of the Municipal Basic Administration (GBA, the current Personal Records Database), municipalities were not obliged to link the names of children born before 1966 to the parents' data. For persons married before 1966, the number of children listed on the personal list may not be complete.

If you suspect that the data on the delivered Personal record card or list does not provide a complete picture, please contact service@cbg.nl.

Privacy arrangement

For the use of the personal data that the CBG has received from the Municipal and National Population Registers (GBA, 1 October 1994 – 1  and BRP, from 1 January 2014) a privacy regulation has been laid down.

More information via service@cbg.nl